[Glade-users] Bitmaps in Glade

Hi everybody!
I'm starting to develop an application with Glade and I plan to handle
some bitmaps from an embedded computer via RS232, for a medical

After capturing signals, I have to create a bitmap and show it in any
Glade control.

My questions are:

Which are the libraries for management of serial port?

Which control must I use?

Which are the best graphical formats? 

Are there libraries for managing them? Which are these libraries?

If I would need that this application access to a database, mysql, for
example for saving the images with the name of patient, in which format
must I save the image, that is, as a link to file?

Is there any database preferred for working with GnomeDB ?

Where can I find information about how to activate the database in

Where can I find information about how to access de database using C as
programming language and managing front-end with Glade?

Using support for GnomeDB, is it possible to connect directly with a
database? Must I create it in the same program or via console accessing
the database, with a script, for example?

Thanks in advance.

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