[Glade-users] Horizontal and Vertical box

On Fri, 2004-05-21 at 20:39, prashk.staff.btltd.net wrote:
Hi Peeps,

I'm a newbie with Glade and having a nightmare trying to figure out a way
of desining the interface. I've read a few tutorials and know that it
works on containers. When I add a vertical or a horizontal container(and
specify 3), it divides it into 3 EQUAL parts and does not let me resize
it. How do I get it to resize?
You cann't. You work with Glade like this. First put some stuff in
containers, for example let say button. The resize the button. The case
is same with another stuff. Resize the stuff not the container.

You resize the button by click the common tab from the properties
windows then manipulate the width and height stuff.

If I use panes then when I resize the panes look horribly wrong and lose
their original look.

Pls help.

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