[Glade-users] Does glade work with GTK+ 2.4?

I just upgraded my GTK to version 2.4, and now glade is exhibiting the
following problem.

When I build a GUI which contains a toolbar, any toolbar buttons of
type Button or Toggle Button or Radio Button, disappear.  They show up
in the widget tree, but do not show up on the screen, and do not show
up in the XML file when saved.

Also, a previously built (before my upgrade), and fully working, GUI
which contains such toolbar buttons can not be safely read in and
written back out.  If I do so, all the buttons in the toolbar are
lost. (That is the XML description of the toolbar contains no <child>

Before my upgrade to GTK 2.4, the version of glade I was using (How
can I tell wwhich version I had?) worked fine with toolbars.  After my
upgrade to 2.4, the problem occurs with whatever version of glade I
was previously running, as well as newly built versions glade-2.0.1
and glade-2.5.0.

I'm running Redhat 9.0 Linux.

Any help would be appreciated.

Gary Herron

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