[Glade-users] downgrade Linux

On 4/6/04 7:29 pm, John (J5) Palmieri <johnp martianrock com> wrote:

winuz[k][l] = FALSE;
int m = g_random_int_range ((guint)0, (guint)63);
int n = 0;

would be completely wrong because you should only be able to declare a
variable at the beginning of a code block.  Later GNU compilers may just
warn you and C++ allows you to do this but in standard C this is an
error.  It is good habit anyway if you want to port to other platforms
that run Gtk apps.

No, C99 - the current C standard - allows variable declarations in the
middle of a code block.

Recent versions of GCC support this part of C99. Of course you're right that
if you wanted to ensure your code compiled with other compilers you wouldn't
do this.



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