[Glade-users] Need help please

On Wed, 28 Jul 2004 16:27:34 -0400
Tran Thuy T DLVA <TranTT NSWC NAVY MIL> wrote:

I am design the interface  which is required not to show the title bar.
There is someway to make the title bar go away.
In Motif it has the resource: XmNmwmDecorations and we set it to 4. Is
there someway similar?
I am new with glade and GTK.
Any help would be appreciated.

This makes all decorations go away... That's maybe too much?

  gtk_window_set_decorated(GTK_WINDOW(SplashWindow), FALSE);

Thuy Tran
Bld.1490T Rm. 151


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