[Glade-users] How can I change my widget setting?

On Tue, 2003-12-23 at 06:57, Rtey Ehg wrote:
Hi all,I'm a new user of GTK+.
I have a problem.I use GLADE to creat two windows .The window_main
contains 4 buttons(button1 to button4).Window_pop contain one
button(button5). I want to do is:when start,button1 is sensitive,the
other is unsensitive,Press button1,popup the window_pop,press
button5,it close window_pop,and set button2 to button4 sensitive.But
at callback.c,I can't use gtk_widget_set_sensitive(button2) to set
it.If I must declare every widget on callback.c?(GLADE default
genarator main.c,interface.c,callback.c and support.c,and it declare
every widget in intreface.c).I say enough?Thanks!

You need to use the lookup_widget() function provided by Glade to get a
pointer to your widgets. See the FAQ and support.c.


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