[Glade-users] WARNING **: Couldn't find pixmap file

Dana subota 14. februar 2004. 21:11, JOSE PEDRO SERGIO ROMAO MACHADO je 
I folks!

Is there any other way of my application to find the
images other than having to do "make install" ???

I donot understand your question. In "make install" process install command 
will put all images from pixmaps to installation path. In your makefile you 
will need to define compiler variable that refers to installation path (that 
is usually done with configure script that will generate apropriate 
Makefile). Than, in code you can use that variable in something like this:

image_load_from_file(PACKAGE_DIR "/pixmaps") 

or something like that. If you want to distribuite binary, you will need to 
store value of installation prefix on some other place.

Goran Rakic

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