[Glade-users] questions about c++ in glade and iconlist

On Wed, 2004-02-11 at 12:46, Sandra Don wrote:

I've instaled glade and I've working with him in c, but when I choose option 
c++, glade says me that there are an error, can't execute glade--, why?

You need to install the glademm package. It is separate from Glade.

and the other Q it's, that, 2 IconList' functions are:
GtkWidget *gnome_icon_list:new (guint icon_width, GtkAdjustment *adj, int 
void gnome_icon_list_insert (GnomeIconList *gil, int pos,......)
What I must put in "gil"?

You need to pass it the GnomeIconList widget to change.
Otherwise how would it know which widget you meant?


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