[Glade-users] Clock widget

On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 20:37, don gray wrote:
I have a RH 9 system.  I have downloaded and installed Glade 2.0.  I now
have two "Glade" options available from the menu. Programming.Glade
Interface Designer (which is the 2.0 install) and Programming.More
Programming Tools.Glade which is gtk+ 1.2+ GUI builder.

A primary difference I see is the 1.2 has a clock widget on the gnome
panel. 2.0 has a calendar on the GTK+ Additional panel but I can't find
a clock widget.

I ?think? I'm writing a GTK+ application (I'll have 10 windows total).
Most should have the time displayed on the window.  How do I get a clock
widget using 2.0?

The clock widget was removed in GNOME 2.0. I'm not sure why.

You could try porting the code of the old clock to GNOME 2.0. I don't
know how much work that would be.

To use it in Glade you could use the 'Custom' widget.


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