[Glade-users] libglade and icon paths searched

   this is a question regarding libglade;  i didn't see a separate list 
for libglade, so if there is one, i apologize.  if someone would tell me 
where it is, i'll stop polluting this one. :)

   glade allows me to include an image for use as an icon from any place 
accessible in my filesystem, but libglade only looks in the current 
working directory, and other, predetermined locations.  i added a little 
bit of code to my build of libglade which will in addition to this, look 
in the directories listed in the default icon theme's search path.  my 
questions are:

1. is this a reasonable thing to do?
2. would it be worth submitting a patch with my change?
3. if it is worth submitting a patch, is there documentation on how to 
do so?


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