[Glade-users] practical question: apps locating glade file


I have a very practical concern I would like to address:

I am building an application which uses glade. This means, when the application
runs, it should load the glade file. Well, I want users to be able to
run the application
before doing a "make install" to test it. So, when I do make install,
the binary will
go under /usr/local/bin and the glade file under
/usr/local/share/fooapp or similar.

Right now I hardcode the location of the glade file in a veriable.
This could be a
relative path, so I could have ../share/fooapp/foo.glade as the relative path?
That way I can keep a similar directory structure in my tarball and test before
install in this way? How do most people do it?



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