[Glade-users] How add new widget to glade pallete?

Now I'm thinking how add those widgets into Glade??
Once i tried to mess with this. I could compile a version of glade-2.0.0
that had the GtkSheet widget (from the gtkextra package) into the Palette.
The code was compiled on win32.

The steps:
1) Compile the .c files into a dynamic library and also add a function, say
new_glade_widget() that describes how to create & show the widget.
2) Hack the glade2 code and load up the dynamic lib created above and call
the new_glade_widget (). Thus add the widget to the palette

The code i am refering to above is at:
http://wingtk.sf.net/ishan/wglade.html or http://wingtk.sf.net/wglade.html
(I cannot remember which one is the complete one).


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