[Glade-users] Re: Glade-users digest, Vol 1 #371 - 3 msgs

Actually the problem was that everything was defaulting to window 
position of 1 so it was all opening on top of each other.  Once I turned 
this off (on each window) it opened well.


Steven Howe wrote:
Hi Lucas,
I'd verify you and your project mate verify you have the same version of
glade. Assuming you are using RPM installation, try:
      rpm -qi glade2 > /tmp/glade2-version.txt

The output file is just a XML doc, and c and header files. I can't see
how archive/compressing it, mailing and uncompressing it would make a
difference. Your might get the md5 checksums; try 

cd <project dir>
find . -type f -exec md5sum {} \; > /tmp/project-checksums.txt

Then mail him the tgz and /tmp/project-checksum. After unpacking the
tgz, your mate can run the same command and verify the checksums. 

They will most likely be the same. Pointing again at glade version, or
preferences of some kind.

Message: 2
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 15:41:56 -0400
From: Lucas Smithen <lucas transgaming com>
To: glade-users lists ximian com
Subject: [Glade-users] New glade user with problems

Heya folks

I am trying to do a usable mockup for an interface using glade.  The 
problem I am having is that when I save a projects all the windows are 
nice sizes and such.  However, when I tgz up the Projects dir and send 
it to someone when they open it the main window is the right size but 
all sub-items are minimized to the top left.  It makes it very difficult 
to share development when every time you open the project you need to 
resize everything.

Any ideas?


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