[Glade-users] Error While Configuring

Damon Chaplin wrote:

In that case it looks like the pkg-config m4 macros are not in your
aclocal path (aclocal is part of automake).

The Glade FAQ covers this sort of issue, on http://glade.gnome.org
(Section 3.2). You probably need to set ACLOCAL_FLAGS.
After more than a year later, your message helped me.  I followed the steps
in the FAQ and found with 'aclocal --print-ac-dir' that the Gtk m4's
were not known.  I exported ACLOCAL_FLAGS and it worked!  Now my only
problem is that the makefile doesn't included the gcc switches
-mno-cygwin and -mms-bitfields for windows.  I tried editing the makefile
to add them to CPFLAGS but it appears that CPFLAGS is being ignored so
these switches are not seen.  Any suggestions for this?

Damon Register

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