[Glade-users] gtk/glade programming

Glad it worked,

if you mean by "append", something as adding a string to the end, as strca=
t would, I think there is no function to it, but you can do it indirectly,=
 copying the contents to a string, and setting it back to the GtkTextBuffe=

check out:

for all related functions.


Seb James <seb hypercubesystems co uk> schrieb am 25.09.03 14:08:33:
On Thu, 2003-09-25 at 13:00, =3D=3Fiso-8859-1=3FQ=3F G=3DFCnther=3D20Mittermayer =3F=3D
/* Plus output it to the console window: */
gtk=5Ftext=5Fbuffer=5Fset=5Ftext (gtk=5Ftext=5Fview=5Fget=5Fbuffer (GTK=5FTEXT=5FVIEW (c=
=5F("Buffer text"), -1);
/* How to replace "Buffer text" with "%s", buf =3F */
How about a simple buf instead of the whole =5F() thing=3F like that:
gtk=5Ftext=5Fbuffer=5Fset=5Ftext (gtk=5Ftext=5Fview=5Fget=5Fbuffer (GTK=5FTEXT=5FVIEW (con=
sole=5Ftextview)), buf, -1);
Thanks Guenter, this helps. Can I append text to a gtk=5Ftext=5Fbuffer, by
the way, do you know=3F
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