[Glade-users] glade newbie questions


I'm using Glade to help me to write my first gtk application (called
VMUdiag). I've spent about a day on it and now have a nice interface for
my program, with all the signals set up for me to write my handlers in
callbacks.c. So far, so good, and it seems that Glade is an excellent

However, I'm having trouble with an image. In my 'about' dialog box, I
want to include a logo image. The image is called logo.png, and so,
using Glade, I place an image widget in the relevant position, and
choose the browse button to set the Icon field of the image widget to be

I build the app, and Glade puts logo.png in the pixmaps directory of the
project. Seems reasonable. However, it also puts a line like this in

image3 = create_pixmap (about_dialog, "vmudiag/logo.png");

And then complains when the window is drawn:

** (vmudiag:5099): WARNING **: Couldn't find pixmap file: vmudiag/logo.png

I've tried putting a directory called vmudiag containing logo.png in the
pwd from which I run vmudiag, but this doesn't fix the problem.

Can anyone help?



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