[Glade-users] cross compiling a glade app.

hmm.. sorry, it was simpler as I thought.. autogen.sh actually doesn't set=
 any parameters to configure, so It was pretty easy to change my script..

please disregard the preceding message!

"G=FCnther Mittermayer" <g=5Fmitter web de> schrieb am 10.09.03 15:09:34:
Hi all,
I on a kind of limit situation here, so i this post is off-topic, please=
 forgive me and let me know.
I have a glade generated app that I wanted to compile to a ARM-platform =
(i.e. to Familiar, a PDA linux distro).
With non-glade applications, I would normally run a "xconfigure" script,=
 that basically calls the default configure setting some parameters such a=
s --prefix or --target, in order to generate my desired Makefile.
The problem is, if I am not mistaken, Glade's autogen.sh also does about=
 the same thing, calling implicitly configure, and therefore generating it=
s Makefile.
My question is, if I need to run autogen.sh to generate my Makefile and =
I also need to run my "xconfigure" to generate my cross compiling Makefile=
, how do I put them together=3F=3F
Unless someone has some magic potion, I am pretty sure that I will need =
some autogen.sh hacking... and end up generating my own script. Anywhere I=
 could get some more detailed info on autogen.sh=3F=20
thanks in advance,
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