[Glade-users] Preferred method to access glade objects within gtkmm


    I know this must have come up before but I cannot seem to find an 
answer. I have several dialog objects built in glade-2 and I want to tie 
them into the main window menu handling system. The trouble seems to be 
that the glade-- program puts the definition of these objects in the 
project scope instead of the main window scope. Is there a preferred 
method of accessing this data from within the main window class? 
Surprisingly, I cannot find a single application out there which 
utilizes gtkmm (c++)  AND glade-2 AND multiple dialog objects. I 
definitely want to learn how it is done if there is a suggested 
methodology. Please advise; thanks.

Also, if there is a class of example programs which tie together 
multiple objects across source files, please point me in the right 

Best Regards,
  Chris Haidinyak

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