[Glade-users] some guidance needed

hello there!
           i was just wndering about the merging of projects in 
anjuta and glade. when a new project is started from anjuta, you 
may select a gnome based project. this generates a glade file in 
the src directory. but how exactly do we merge both. i mean, can i 
use event handler functions of glade in anjuta coding.
         moreover,the executable file is generated from *.prj.bak 
or *.glade file, i donno.
       actually i am a newbie for linux development. i have done 
development in turbo c++,Visual C++,VB etc.but i am unaware about 
glade/anjuta.please guide me.
       i need a guiding han. please reply soon. a guidance will 
would be really nice.(may i know your name sir!)
      thanking you.

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