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* Damon Chaplin (damon karuna uklinux net) wrote:
On Fri, 2003-04-25 at 15:00, Carl B. Constantine wrote:
It's available on my web site:
I think I just spotted a bug in Glade code generation when setting the
size of a widget. It outputs '-2' for unchanged values rather than '-=
That may be causing the problem.
It was due to this bug.
You can work around it by checking calls to gtk_widget_set_size_request()
in interface.c and changing any '-2' to '-1. That fixed it for me.

took a look in interface.c and I don't see any -2's (except a testing
1-2-3) so this isn't working for me.=20

Also, interface.c has this wonderful warning at the top, not to modify
the file ;-)

I'll fix the bug in Glade.

great, thanks.

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