[Glade-users] unknown property 'stock item' problems

Hi there,

okay, I fixed the problem with the signals and libglade, for those
interested, it's because if you are making a C++ project, then you have
to surround the callbacks you want libglade to link against with extern
"C" { whatever } and then add -export-dynamic to your linker flags,
it'll work then.

My problem now is that I'm building a menu and it's complaining about
unknown properties.  Hereis the error in full.

(jibberjabber:13003): libglade-WARNING **: unknown property `stock_item'
for class `GtkMenuItem'

So, anyone know why it would complain about that?  I've got a feeling
it's cause I'm not including gnome libraries or something, for some
reason glade seems to think I am writing a gnome application.  In the
options for my project, it has a toggle button for gnome support, but
it's permenantly turned on and I can't change it cause it's greyed out,
if you know why this would be, let me know, along with any answers you
have about my current problem.

ok, thanks a lot, hopefully I'll get this sorted soon and I can get on
to coding rather than hunting the net for people with the same problem

kosh <evil_kosh_uk yahoo co uk>

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