[Glade-users] contextuel menu

Use the popup menu.

It's on the gtk+ additional page on the palette.  It's not a widget you 
can see so much, it brings up the edit menu.

Then,  use a button_press_event for whatever context you want.  For 
instance in a list in the main menu, or whatever.

You'll need to test for what kind of button_press in the callback for 
the button_press_event (ie left click, right click, double click, etc).



On 2003.03.12 07:38 asmouta nomade fr wrote:
I'm wondering if there's some functions for creating
contextuel menu instade of generating interfaces on
windows, I mean that I need to right click on a folder  to
got the window (glade) appearing with all the options,
(like the right click on windows or linux for copy and

I'm a newbie, I've searched such functions but with no
results, can any one clear me?

Any comment will be helpful.

Thanks a lot.
L'e-mail gratuit pas comme les autres.
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