[Glade-users] Changing containers.

Why not just cut and paste it?

I would, I guess, cut the original stuff, table and all if you want to 
keep the table, then delete whatever is left, put in the notebook and 
paste the original into the notebook.

I use right click from either the widget tree or the layout itself to 
do it.  Remember to save a lot, because it's crashed on me a couple of 
times (never when doing this though).



On 2003.03.10 15:28 Harring Figueiredo wrote:


 Is there an easy way to change a container in Glade.

 I.E. I wrote a configuration dlg using a table. Now it is time to add
stuff to it. This new stuff belongs to another screen - -so I would
like to add
a GtkNotebook to hold the existing layout and go from there and add
new pages
to the notebook so that I can add the new UI.

 Any ideas?

  THanks in advance.


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