[Glade-users] installing gtk-2.0

On Wed, 5 Mar 2003, Manu C S wrote:

My installation is complete. But still, when I use glade (0.6.4),
autogen.sh seems to recognize only gtk+-1.2 (which is still present)
because autogen.sh seems to use gtk-config, not pkg-config.

AFAIK glade (0.6.4) will always set things up to use GTK+ 1.x. You need
Glade-2 (1.1.3) to develop for GTK+ 2.

RH8 comes with an RPM for Glade2 but I rolled my own RPM from the sources
in glade.gnome.org.

Tomi Manninen           Internet:  oh2bns sral fi
OH2BNS                  AX.25:     oh2bns oh2rbi fin eu
KP20ME04                Amprnet:   oh2bns oh2rbi ampr org

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