[Glade-users] build source or use libglade?

Le Mardi 4 Mars 2003 20:01, Carl B. Constantine a =E9crit :
It's been said on this list and elsewhere that the way to use glade
in your programs is to use libglade.

The question I have is why is this? You use glade to generate your UI
and then click: Build to build all the source for the UI so your
.glade file isn't required anymore. So why make external calls to use
libglade in your application vs. just build source? I can see if you
use Perl-GTK or pyGtk, etc but I don't see it for a C application.


the libglade provide embedding & encapsulating technology. and package=20
will transport theym job around the program. I you don't want to use=20
libglade or perlrun, you need make an other architecture like monolythe=20
or something like this

Il faut toujours aller trop loin. William James

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