[Glade-users] Glade and gettext...

Hi all,

I have a kind of common problem that I'm trying to solve..

I am trying to compile a glade project and get the following:

Please use AM=5FGNU=5FGETTEXT([external]) in order to cause autoconfiguration
to look for an external libintl.
Please create po/Makevars from the template in po/Makevars.template.
You can then remove po/Makevars.template.
Please run 'aclocal -I m4' to regenerate the aclocal.m4 file.
You need aclocal from GNU automake 1.5 (or newer) to do this.
Then run 'autoconf' to regenerate the configure file.
You might also want to copy the convenience header file gettext.h
from the /usr/share/gettext directory into your package.
It is a wrapper around <libintl.h> that implements the configure --disable=

I've searched for some answers on the web, and I understand that the solut=
ion could be either installing gettext, or disabling it.  I already instal=
led gettext (GNU gettext) 0.11.4 with no changes on the message.  Do I nee=
d some aditional configuration=3F=3F

The question which should have an obvious answer (although nothing is obvi=
ous for a newbie in Glade ;) ) is:

How on earth do I disable gettext=3F=3F=3F=20
I can see an option in Project Options to disable Gnome (which I already t=
ryied w/o sucess), but nowhere can I find a disable gettext option....

I'm using Red Hat 9,  and glade 1 (for some other strange reason my projec=
t can't open on glade-2)

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