[Glade-users] text display trouble

On Wed, 2003-07-02 at 15:17, f parzefall multitest de wrote:

I hadn't looked at gtk-demo. But now I have and it's all the
same as the rest: create a GtkListStore, add lines to it and then
create a GtkTreeView with it and there it stops.

But I already have the TreeView (created by glade) and simply
want to add a new line to it (and delete an old one if they get
to many) from time to time.

Ok, maybe you are missing the gtk_tree_view_set_model() part then?

In my code I get the treeview from glade generated code (with
help from lookup_widget() of course). Then I build a treestore
using gtk_tree_store_new/gtk_tree_store_append/gtk_tree_store_set.
And finally I set the model for the view:

 gtk_tree_view_set_model(treeview, GTK_TREE_MODEL(treestore));

To be honest though, I copied much of the code from somewhere
and I'm not quite certain I understand all of it as well as I'd
like to...

And also, I don't need to alter the view/store once it's built.
That may be different from your application.

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