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  When I build a large project, I usually use glade to generate the project,
but create separate glade projects for different parts of the code. (i.e.
Dialog, or ohter windows). Since glade allwos me to change the filenames
generated, I usually change them to fit my needs (i.e. pref_dlg_ui.c/.h). I
then copy the files to the main project.


  I don't find this a bad idea -- however, I have not used libglade, so it
might be that libglade is a better chioce for this ?  huh ?


--- Damon Chaplin <damon karuna uklinux net> wrote:
On Tue, 2003-01-28 at 10:44, praveen kumar wrote:
hi everybody,
i am praveen kumar.
i would like to develope one web browser in PDA using
mozilla's gecko engine.
But i am not getting how to develope the browser using
gecko engine.Is anybody can give details information
on embedding gecko in to the browser and also inform
me how can i get gecko engine source code only.

You could look at galeon, which is a popular GNOME web browser that also
uses the gecko engine.

I don't know if gecko is distributed on its own. You should ask the
mozilla people.

For that i want to use glade.
can i use glade effieciently for this embedded

We recommend using libglade for large projects, since the code generated
by Glade doesn't scale very well. libglade loads the XML files at
runtime, so you can keep each dialog in a separate XML file.


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