[Glade-users] Thread safe?

Well actually YES.

There is the problem. I commented out all the gtk_* in other threads & my 
application works like a charm.

Thanks for your great advice.


On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, Imtiaz ur rahaman M wrote:

I am doing this in couple of threads (other than the main thread)
gtk_text_insert(status_text, NULL, NULL, NULL, mesg, strlen(mesg));

Where status_text is a handle to the text box on my GUI - setup by the 
main thread.

Do u mean to say it will cause problems, irrespective of whether the 
access to status_text is protected by locks...?


Either way the bottom line is - don't make GTK calls from your pthread.

Jerry Szulinski
Lockheed Martin/TACCSF
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Hello all,

I would like to know if I can freely (without bothering about gtk & other 
libraries) use the pthread library functions while building applications 
using glade. I am actually creating some threads & after sometime, one 
particular thread blocks _infinitely_ on a socket : sometimes while 
reading, sometimes while writing. When it blocks for reading, I am sure 
there is some data available.

Can someone who has used pthreads under glade throw some light?

Thanks in advance.

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