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Hi Guenther,
I got another doubt though.  I got a list (GtkStore), where I show some
I wanted to show the properties of a highlighted list item on the click
of a button.  To do that I need to get some reference to the highlighted
row, but I can't find the right signal to it..

I used the button_release event for this. I'll append you my callback
function. It reads out a single (!!!) line from a GtkTreeview:

on_treeview_button_release_event(GtkWidget       *widget,
                         GdkEventButton  *event,
                         gpointer         user_data)
  GtkTreeSelection  *selection;
  GtkTreeView       *tree_view;
  GList             *sel_row_list;
  char              *dummy;

  if(event->type =3D=3D GDK_BUTTON_RELEASE)
      printf("    button %d\n", event->button);

      tree_view =3D GTK_TREE_VIEW(lookup_widget(widget,

      selection =3D gtk_tree_view_get_selection(tree_view);
      sel_row_list =3D gtk_tree_selection_get_selected_rows(selection,
      dummy =3D gtk_tree_path_to_string((GtkTreePath*) sel_row_list->data);
      printf("    selected row: %s\n", dummy);


  return FALSE;

hope this helps...
Franz Parzefall
Vision Systems

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Fax +49-(0)8031-406-148

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