[Glade-users] Passing objects to libglade callbacks

G�nther Mittermayer wrote:

I'm not sure on what you want to do, but I think you might be using the Object
field in a wrong manner... I might be just guessing, since I actually never
used it, but I think it is used to determine the object which should receive
the specified signal, and therefore, "1" doesn't make any sense to me.....

I would try finding out what it really means.. and again, I'm just guessing..


I found in a previous post that filling in that field determines whether
g_signal_connect() or g_signal_connect_swappped() is called.

Russell Shaw <rjshaw iprimus com au> schrieb am 05.08.03 10:16:10:

I put a button on a glade-2.0 window. In the properties form,
i selected the "clicked" signal. For the handler, i entered
"on_button_clicked". For the object, i entered "1" (without
the quotes)...

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