[Glade-users] Popup Windows vs Dialogs..

Hi all..

I got this strange behaviour on some glade generated windows.. I got this =
ready code that I need to edit.  In it the person who made it has created =
windows with the "type" widget property set as "Pop-up", instead of creati=
ng dialogs.

When I compile the whole thing, the main window works fine, but the "popup=
" windows don't show any frame, that is the top bar and the -, maximize an=
d X buttons... =20

I've tried creating my own simple application and the "pop ups" behave in =
the same strange way...   If I use dialogs, it works fine, and I could con=
vert all windows to dialogs, but isn't there some easier way=3F=3F=3F   Am I mis=
sing something=3F=3F anyone ever go through this=3F

I noticed I am calling the windows a bit differently as the original code =
that is,=20

I am calling the windows like that:

GtkWidget *window=5FMyWin;
window=5FMyWin =3D create=5Fwindow=5FMyWin();

and the original code had something like:


Although I have no Idea on where he got these "Show..." functions from..

any thoughts=3F=3F


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