[Glade-users] some help on Glade

Glade exports C code.  It's not an IDE though, you can't write the code 
within Glade.

Glade lets you develop the graphical user interface.  It will write the 
code for that part of your project.  Then you must write the code to do 
something with that interface.

Glade is used with Gtk, you will have to learn some Gtk in order to do 
anything useful with Glade, no matter what language or wrapper you are 

Gtk is written in C.  If you know C, it's fairly easy to understand 
(once you have a grasp on the main concepts).

Please look at the tutorials mentioned on the glade.gnome.org webpage.  
They will help you see what Glade is.  There are also tutorials at

Good luck!


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