[Glade-users] gnome header file not found

Thank you to Rikke D. Giles and Manu C S.  After the gentle reminder the
brain barely remembers some such selection.  Though instead of recreating
the project I switched from the GNOME predefined dialogs to the GTK dialog
with an OK button to destroy the dialog.

Thanks again for the help.

One question if anyone cares to answer -
     If a gui is created with Glade2 as a GNOME project, will the created
executable still run under KDE3 and other X window desktops?

Dan Davidson
dan davidson conexant com

                      "Rikke D. Giles"                                                                        
                      <rgiles@telebyte.        To:       dan davidson conexant com                            
                      com>                     cc:                                                            
                                               Subject:  Re: [Glade-users] gnome header file not found        
                      04/16/2003 04:46                                                                        

When you start a new project with glade2 you get an option to set it as
a gtk only project or as a gnome project.  You apparently set your
project to gtk only and then tried to use a gnome widget.

If you want to use gnome, you can try recreating, or you can set up the
dependencies etc that are needed in the autogen.sh and configure
files.  I'm not really familiar with those, perhaps someone else can

You can also remove the gnome widget and use gtk only to create
something similar to the gnome widget.



PS I don't know why they made it so that you can switch back and forth
between gnome and gtk in the options anymore.  Used to be able to do
that with glade prior to gtk2.

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