[Glade-users] Menu Editing Issue

 I am not using 9.0, but just check to see.

  When this happens, check to see if there is any glade modal window waiting
for input on the background  (hidden) of some other window. This can cause
glade to not repsond bacause it is waiting on the modal window. 

  I think somebody had the same problem before.

   Anyhow, I am just giving this hint because I use kweather on KDE and
sometimes it fails to connect to the server and promps an OK modal windown,
which causes KDE panel to NOT respond -- I killed my X everytime.. until one
day I discovered this.

  Hope this is the case.


--- Edward Muller <edwardam interlix com> wrote:
I recently started a project and decided to use glade2 (as that is what
works with Gtk2).

Everything is going fine, but glade locks up whenever I click the 'Edit
Menus' item in the property window for a menu. I need to kill glade

I am running RedHat 9.0 if it matters.

Is this a known problem? Is there a fix?  a patch? etc?

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