[Glade-users] Terminal Widget Problem - crashing gnome-terminal

On Mon, 2003-04-07 at 05:50, f parzefall multitest de wrote:
Hi Douglas
Not checked the mplayer thing though.

looks like mplayer doesn't find the file (at least it behaves this way 
when it 
cannot find the file). try giving the whole path.

Mplayer was called with the full path to the filename. All the other
players worked. Including mplayer with the GUI. Very strange. 

Not that it matters much to me. I just want a front end to help me
convert my fairly hefty collection of mpeg2 files :)

I'll have another look at it.


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douglasmcintosh<at>dsl<dot>pipex<dot>com #      www.leemountbc.org.uk
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