[Glade-users] Terminal Widget Problem - crashing gnome-terminal

I have created a custom VteTerminal widget in glade to show command line
examples of what my program is doing and I have two problems with it.

1) Whenever I close the window any instance of gnome terminal I have
running crashes. No meaningful error message I can see. This is very
annoying whenever I forget and lose half my downloads in progress :( I
have used gtk_main_quit() as the action when the window is closed.

2) When I use 

              vte_terminal_feed_child (VTE_TERMINAL (terminal),
commandline,    strlen (commandline));

with commandline being a "mplayer filename\r\n" string nothing really
happens. The command goes into the terminal ok, runs, but immediately
reaches the end of the file, displaying at best a flash of screen. When
I use aviplay (or any other gui movie player) it all works perfectly.
What have I forgotten to do for mplayer (it works alright when I use
gmplayer as the command line).

I am posting to this list as I am using glade ?

Could someone either tell me what I have done wrong or point me in the
direction of which bits of the documentation I should be reading.

Please modify any responses down to the level of a slightly dim newbie

douglas a mcintosh NOSPAMlineone net    #       www.dougmcintosh.co.uk
douglasmcintosh<at>dsl<dot>pipex<dot>com #      www.leemountbc.org.uk
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