[Glade-users] multiple widgets, one area

I did this using ctrees, but in principle you should be able to do this 
with list, clist, and tree.

Get the ctree to pump out a select row signal.  In the Object part, put 
in the name of the other ctree.

in the callbacks.c put in the

gtk_ctree_node_get_text, then insert the node.

check out,


sorry, don't know any python,


Bill Anderson wrote:

OK, so maybe I shouldn't be trying to do this at 4AM ...

anyway, I would like to make a GUI that has, for example, a selectbox on
the left, and a different widget/view on the right for a given selected
item in the list. Think of Evolution as an example that does what I
want. is there a way to do this nicely in Glade?

(I do most of my GTK/GNOME stuff in Python)

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