[Glade-users] building glade output with g++

        I am trying to build a project (with a glade interface).  The project was built when glade-- was not 
supporting a lot of widgets we were using so we were outputting regular c code, compiling everything with the 
g++ compiler, linking and we were all happy ;)

        However, we have just upgraded to RH 7.1 with the 2.96 compiler.  Up to the 2.95 compiler, we could 
(with the -pedantic option) get everything to compile with a few warnings to interface.c.

        Now, with 2.96, warnings have become errors.  Is there a way to get the file to compile ?  Since many 
of the callbacks we use require access to libraries (C++) we can't just build the whole thing with gcc.

        I would really appreciate if anyone has any idea on how to use g++ to make interface.c compile 
correctly.  Thanks in advance !

Francis Gauthier,
System Analyst
Info-electronics systems

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