[Glade-users] gtk_timeout_add

It is just a warning, you need to do a "cast" to remove this notification
like this :
timeout = gtk_timeout_add (1000, (GtkFunction)send_expose_event,

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Subject: [Glade-users] gtk_timeout_add

hi there,

I am trying to use the gtk_timeout_function to call a function every
How do i pass the second arguement as a GtkFunction. The prototype of the
function I am calling is

gint send_expose_event (gpointer)

I start the timeout with this line

timeout = gtk_timeout_add (1000, send_expose_event, gpointer(widget));

On compiling i get a warning about incompatible pointer type for arg 2 of
gtk_timeout_add. Can anybody help me with this ?


Elliot Chisholm

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