[Glade-users] More button stuff (:

On Sun, Oct 21, 2001 at 05:41:27AM -0500, jbrite wrote:
1. Try resizing the application.  Sometimes even after you change
the size of a widget, it doesn't catch, until you resize.

Can this be done in Glade? I looked through the Glade menus and didn't find
a resize option.

What version of Glade are you useing?


To resize, Right click on the widget, you will se a bunch of options, like 
cutting pasting and all the widgets in that hiarchy.  Within the top level, 
is the resize option.

Never did find this.

2. Check to make sure homogeneous is not on.

I finally found this after changing from 'vertical button box' to 
single buttons in a table. The homogeneous doesn't appear for the 
verticle button box that I could find.

4. Buttons also have a 'EXPAND'.  Make sure it is turned off.

Found this in the buttons in a table but not the 'verticle button box'.

Anyway I was able to achieve the effect I wanted using the tables and 
inserting buttons into the table. I could get them to pack together witout
spaces that way. Never could get the 'veticle button box' to put the buttons
next to each other without spaces.

I sure would like to find that resize option though.   (:

Thanks for all the help.

As Arnold so poetically said: "I'll be back"    (:



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