[Glade-users] Calling another makefile from Makefile.am

"Felix E. Klee" wrote:


I want to "call" a target in another makefile that resides in a
subdirectory of my project; from the command line I have to call "make
-f newmat/gnu.mak libnewmat". What should I add to Makefile.am to make
that happen automatically?

I'm not too good on build stuff, but you may be able to do something
like this:

        make -f newmat/gnu.mak libnewmat

But maybe you should just set SUBDIRS so the subdirectory gets built

BTW, where can I find comprehensive documentation for the parameters
that I can set in Makefile.am?

There is info documentation about make, automake and autoconf.
There is also a book about automake, autoconf and libtool online:


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