[Glade-users] How to get to the label field of a button

Ed Winchester wrote:

Hi again, all,

I've been trying to get my glade-generated app to compile.  I know, from
something I read, but can't remember where, that Glade itself will not
generate code to change the label for a button.  I remember seeing
somewhere an example, but can't for the life of me remember where I read

What I tried last was:
    gtk_label_set_text (GTK_LABEL(button->label),"New button label");

I got the error:
    structure has no member named `label'

Please help.

No idea how this works (well I kind of have but....), but try the

   GtkWidget        *label;
    GList            *glist;

  widget = lookup_widget(window_widget_is_on, "slider_button"); /* may not
need this as long as you have a pointer to the widget you'll be okay*/

    glist = gtk_container_children( GTK_CONTAINER(widget) );
   label = GTK_WIDGET( glist->data );
    gtk_label_set( GTK_LABEL(label), "FRED");

I found this after trawling through stacks of stuff on the web, all seemed
a bit mysterious to me, as I too had similar problems in setting/changing
the label for the button.
I found the answer in a posting from 1998 from someone complaining about
the lack of useful documentation....
yet I still find myself wandering how the hell did they know to A) use a
GList, and B) that is has a member called data.  Half the time the
documentation states that the structure should only be accessed using the
functions given...  which in turn can only be used with this "extra"
I realise this is more of a GTK problem than glade specific, but I'm sure
there are many other relative "newbies" like myself who feel slightly lost
at times.


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