[Glade-users] Calling external executables and linking the widgets in an appln.

Hello  there !!,

Could you Please help me out.
 I have created a simple window with a single button in it and I have
also created a dialog box.My aim is that when you click on the button
the dialog box should appear. How should i do this , I have tried adding
the signal- clicked , the handler- gtk_widget_show and in the object
field I give the name of the dialog box,all of this I specify in the
signal properties of the button but when I make/compile the application
It says that
the dialog-name is not declared in interface.c.(first use in this

Is there a way we specify variables in glade, like in Vb how we define
member variables and use them across widgets.

Also Based on the input entered I need to call an external executable.
Is it Possible ???? If Not any other gui- interface builder that can
help me out.

Also any documentation/tutorial on Glade I have searched the web and
gone through archives but am still lost.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

PHIL Systems Software.

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