[Glade-users] Generating classes, but no instantiation in glade--

"Ken" == Ken Huisman <khuisman nortelnetworks com> writes:

Why not change your UI a bit and have each of the configurations be
a subtree on your tree and then on the right only show things at the
appropriate context, i.e.:

Yeah, in this particular situation it would work, though a bit
suboptimal.  That's probably the way I'll do it initially, but it's
kind of counterintuitive. What I'm wondering about is the more general

Glade works very well as a GUI RAD tool (Getting my existing c++
objects hooked up to the tree & output labels on the left side took me
only three hours), as long as the structure of the desired GUI is
not very dynamic.  I guess libglade is what's supposed to be used
there, but that's overkill for the simple case.

Time to get my head inside the code, I guess.

Another way of implementing this might be to allow things other than
windows be top-level component tree roots.  For this application, it's
not as good, but it would acheive the same thing in a more general
fashion. Not sure how much work that will take - I'll try both out and

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