[Glade-users] Custom entry box


        one question which I know is GTK+ related, but I suppose someone here
would know the answer.
        Is there some custom entry box, where it is possible to specify format
of the entered text? e.g when I want entry where only numbers can be
entered I specify the mask 00009999 (where 0 is optional number, 9 is
requred number, so in this example at least 1000 must be entered), or if
I want mask for an IP address i use mask, date
9999-09-09, time 99:99:99 and so on. Not only numbers can be specified
by mask, letters can be specifed as well, special characters, ...
There was (and I supose that it is still) similar widget (class) in
Delphi, I was realy cool. Now I'm designing an application in Glade,
where lot of IP addresses, dates and other fix format fields will be
used, so it would be great if I can use some inteligent entry box.


Martin Edlman
Fortech s.r.o, Litomysl
Public PGP key: http://edas.visaci.cz/#keys

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