[Glade-users] adding plot widget to a GLADE/Py-Gtk application

I'm using Python 2.1 with


I'm building an application using PyGtk with the UI built by glade.  At
runtime, I use libglade to create the widgets in the glade XML file. 
The application needs to use the GtkPlot() widget provided by GtkExtra. 
How do I do this?  

Glade's 'Custom' widget looks like it might help, but I don't know how
to define the Python class or procedure necessary to create a GtkPlot
widget within the Glade framework.  I tried adding a 'Custom' widget,
and setting the 'Creation Function' to 'create_plot', which I defined as
a Python function.  

At run time, glade reports:
** WARNING **: could not find widget creation function 

and the dynamically created UI has the text
[custom widget creation failed]

Thanks much.

Joe VanAndel              
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Internet: vanandel ucar edu

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