[Glade-users] PROFITS that Mass Email CAN GENERATE (28234)

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We will put your product or service instantly into the hands of millions of prospects!

"Many business people are finding out that they can now advertise in ways that they 
never could have afforded in the past.  The cost of sending mass e-mail is extremely low, 
and the response rate is high and quick." - USA TODAY

Since 1996, Bulk Email Network has provided bulk email marketing to thousands of 
well-satisfied customers. We offer the most competitive prices in the industry, made 
possible by our high percentage of repeat business. We have the most advanced direct 
email technology employed by only a knowledgeable few in the world. 

We have over 160 million active email addresses, increasing our list at the rate of half a 
million to one million a month. You will have instant guaranteed results, something no 
other form of marketing can claim. Our turn around time is a remarkable 24 hours.

Our email addresses are sorted by country, state, city and target. Your marketing 
campaign will speed with pinpoint accuracy to your desired audience!

Call us for a free consultation at 323 876 6148  [U.S.A.]. 

We guarantee the lowest prices or your service is free!

Best of ALL, Bulk Email Network can be used as a 100% TAX WRITE OFF for your 

 1) Let's say you... Sell a $24.95 PRODUCT or SERVICE.
 2) Let's say you... Mass Email to 1,000,000 PEOPLE DAILY.
 3) Let's say you... Receive JUST 1 ORDER for EVERY 2,500 EMAILS.

 [Day 1]: $9,980  [Week 1]: $69,860  [Month 1]: $279,440

Now you know why you receive so many email advertisements...

Best Regards,

Jennifer O�Conner,
Bulk Email Network
Marketing Dept.

Under Bill s.1618 TITLE III passed by the 105th U.S. Congress this letter is not 
considered "spam" as long as we include: 1) contact information and, 2) the way to be 
removed from future mailings (see below). To Remove Yourself From This List: Please 
email to: bulkemailnetwork myrealbox com with the email address that you would like removed and 
the word REMOVE in the subject heading.



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