[Glade-users] PNG support in glade?

brendan tjs org wrote:

Anyone know how I would go about using a png as an icon pixmap? Whenever I try to add one, I get a 
"Couldn't create pixmap from file" error, and any resulting program also fails to load them. Are PNGs not 
supported by GTK?

No, GTK+ only has builtin support for XPM pixmaps.
Gnome supports many image formats, and GTK+ 2.0 will later this year.

If you really need to use PNGs you can use the Imlib or gdk-pixbuf libraries and add the
icons to the interface in your code.

Oh, one more thing: does anyone know how I could go about creating a seek bar using glade?

What do you mean by a "seek bar".


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