[Glade-users] Repeat: Need help with autogen.sh

James Cameron wrote:

G'day Jon,

The problem you report suggests a broken installation of automake or
autoconf; not exactly Glade issues.  Take a careful look at the steps
that autogen.sh performs and isolate the error to one command.  Based on
the output you are getting, it seems that autoconf is making a configure
script that contains an error ... specifically a reference to
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE.  My guess is that the automake macros are not defined.
Perhaps a reinstallation of automake or aclocal is indicated?

I don't think the "AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE" error is the problem.
The problem was that aclocal failed before this, because the libtool and
gtk-- macros couldn't be found.

(With automake/autoconf once one thing fails you tend to get a lot of
errors following it. The first error message is usually the real culprit.)


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